Thing 1’s Going All Green

Thing 1 watched a National Geographic documentary this afternoon. In it he heard a man with an American accent tell him that man is the most aggressive being, whose selfish behaviour is destroying the earth and endangering many animals. It took me a good hour to calm Thing 1 down. I used everything in my power to calm him down and we may now have to adopt a few elephants and tigers.
I also have to send this video clip to the “Comune” (The Town Hall) so that they too can get on the case and “spread the word”

About Miss Fanny P

Mother to two boys (a 5 and a half year old and a 3 year old), living the expat life in Italy, a stone's throw away from the lakes and the mountains.
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9 Responses to Thing 1’s Going All Green

  1. LOL!! Love how he is ready to save the world!


  2. bakeritalia says:

    Umm could they both be any cuter????
    Loved the message and my boys were impressed too!


  3. nsmomwow says:

    I like your blog even more now that I know what voice to read it in..:)


  4. mikemajor9 says:

    OMG… okay, I am currently experiencing a cuteness… overload…:)


  5. Miss Fanny P says:

    I just reread that great post of yours with the “you must be the bitch I’ve been hearing so much about” quote. Love it!:-)


  6. It’s comforting to know that such young children have concern and passion for keeping earth healthy. Tell Max I said thank you very much.


  7. I have the biggest smile on my face from that. Give him this message for me, Right on little man, take on the world and run it, you can do it. Keep up the activism! So cute. Thanks for sharing!


  8. I have to agree on that. I find voices help with the imagination.


  9. Winding road says:

    That is awesome and adorable! and I love his dramatic ending, “ok, I’m done” haha


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